Providing Sanctuary and Support

Integrated orofacial, lactation, and maternal support services


Founded by a mother who’s been there…

Strong Ties offers all-encompassing encouragement and services from a variety of specialists—all within one practice. New mothers have enough on their plate, so our in-house collaboration ensures that you won’t have to chase referrals and calls.


The solutions for a happy and healthy start



Each of our services keeps the mother-infant relationship top of mind. Despite being treated by professionals at the top of their fields, our environment feels more supportive than sterile, and more motherly than medical.


Laser Frenum Release and Revision

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Lactation Consulting

Strong Ties proudly partners with a full service lactation practice which specializes  in a wide variety of breastfeeding and pumping challenges with a special emphasis on Tongue and Lip Ties. The specialists of the Strong Ties team work together to customize a plan to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals with personalized attention and  support. Learn More

Chiropractic Care

Strong Ties proudly partners with doctors of chiropractic medicine that specialize in recognizing and addressing specific biomechanical spine and cranium differences during the pre, peri and post-natal stages of birth. Identifying these differences as they pertain to the specific difficulty experienced while breastfeeding allows for the application of early therapeutic intervention. Through collaboration with our entire team of professionals, the partners of chiropractic medicine at Strong Ties offer effective solutions for mother and babies to achieve their personal bonding and breastfeeding goals. Learn More

Craniosacral Therapy

Strong Ties proudly partners with craniosacral therapists focusing specifically on pediatric development and osteopathy.  Considered an alternative method of relieving tension through light touch and gentle pressure, the purpose of this massage therapy is to to relieve pain and dysfunction while improving one’s overall health and wellness. It's a very gentle, effective and non-invasive therapy that, when applied simultaneously to both the mother and infant, will often leave the dyad in a deeply relaxed state. Learn More


Speech, Language and Feeding Therapy

Strong Ties proudly partners with speech, language and feeding pathologists that are certified in a form of therapy in which an infant learns how to develop better feeding and communication skills.

Speech pathology and intervention specifically for feeding issues can begin as early as the immediate post-partum stage, once a feeding issue has been recognized. Before beginning treatment, our patients undergo a comprehensive oral motor and swallowing assessment to determine the specific type, severity and root cause of the feeding issue. Learn More

Oral Myofunctional Therapy

Strong Ties proudly partners with myofunctional therapists who work through a variety of structured exercises, specific oral physical therapy, with our patients to eliminate harmful oral habits, retrain muscle memory and simultaneously strengthen muscular function of the head and neck to support optimal growth and development. Learn More

Nutritional Counseling

Strong Ties proudly partners with registered dietitians and licensed nutritionists that believe maintaining excellent nutrition and a healthy diet during and after pregnancy is critical for the health of both mother and child.  Our team’s nutrition counseling strategy focuses primarily on promoting a healthy diet and lifestyle while also preparing both mother and infant for optimal post-partum recovery, a boost in breastmilk production, and newborn weight gain. Learn More

Pre, Peri, Post-Partum Counseling and Emotional Support Therapy

Acknowledging the need and asking for help is a crucial first step toward healing. Strong Ties proudly partners with therapists dedicated to the unique needs of pre, peri and postpartum women. Our team can help you navigate this overwhelming time and lead you back to the path of self care and most importantly, bonding with your newborn. Learn More