Frequently Asked Questions


What Should I Expect?

Upon contacting our office, be prepared to give a brief explanation of the problems you are experiencing while nursing and/or feeding and a short summary of your pregnancy. Please disclose all pertinent medical history for you and your baby at this time. A full understanding of both (of your) medical histories and any reported pregnancy complications will allow Dr. Khurana to best help you during your visit and create the most effective plan of care moving forward.

What Should I Bring to My Appointment?

Come with questions!

Please discuss any and all concerns during your initial visit with Dr. Khurana. No concern is too minimal to mention, as we will provide support in all aspects of your pre, peri and post-partum journey.

Bring support to your appointment.

The support of your spouse, doula, lactation consultant, close relatives or dearest friends are critical at this time. As a new parent there will be many obstacles to overcome and several different tasks to manage - having an additional set of ears (or hands) will allow you to focus on the detailed information discussed during your visit and help you manage with organizing follow-up care and other recommendations.

Complete all forms.

Please bring all necessary forms with you, completed prior to arrival. Any feeding/diaper logs or outside lactation assessments should also be provided upon arrival to the office or sent over before your appointment date.

How Should I Prepare My Baby for the Visit?

Plan to feed your baby 1-2 hours before the start of your appointment. To best assess your baby’s latch, feeding ability and feeding position - your little one will need to be willing to eat. Any supplies used at home for breastfeeding, such as nipple shields, support pillows and breast pump flanges should also be brought with you.

What Kind of Laser is Used During the Procedure?

The frenectomies completed in our office are safely and efficiently performed with the LightScalpel CO2 laser. This specific laser offers precise cutting, minimal to no bleeding, reported minimal postoperative pain and optimal healing with reduced scarring in comparison with releases completed by scalpel or scissors.

Are We Able to Stay in the Room During the Procedure?

The infants in our care are understandably our sole focus during the procedure itself. For their safety and the safety of our team, all accompanying parties will be asked to leave the room as the laser’s protective equipment is limited to patient (infant) and staff. You will be reunited immediately after the procedure and are encouraged to remain present for the duration of the appointment as Dr. Khurana and the lactation team member will re-assess the baby’s latch and review post-operative instructions and exercises with you.