Lactation Consulting 

Strong Ties proudly partners with Sarah Early, RN, IBCLC founder of Lactation Room, a full service lactation practice which specializes  in a wide variety of breastfeeding and pumping challenges with a special emphasis on Tongue and Lip Ties (tethered oral tissues). The amazing IBCLCs of Lactation Room work in collaboration with the specialists of the Strong Ties team to customize a plan to help mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals with personalized attention and  support.

From her Pre, Peri and Post-Natal Consultations to follow up support as needed, Sarah’s approach is all encompassing where she takes every mother’s personal needs, preferences, beliefs, and feeding goals (breast and/or bottle) into consideration.   

While breastfeeding is a natural process for some, supportive items might be needed to help ensure others have the best possible breastfeeding experience. Lactation Room in partnership with Strong Ties carries contact nipple shields for flat or inverted nipples, Hydrogels and TheraShells to help ease any discomfort, Supplemental Nursing Systems for low milk supply concerns, and a variety of other pumps and items to assist mothers on their breastfeeding journey.